SEO Mastery for Entrepreneurs

SEO Mastery for Entrepreneurs

SEO can be overwhelming and complex. This smart list is to highlight simple strategies that can be used by entrepreneurs and SME to improve SEO and stay up-to date.

How to thrive within the fast-paced SEO environment - Search Engine Land

One of the best things about the search space is that it's hard. We are constantly working to keep our finger on the pulse, experiment with new ideas, and drive results. It's why I love it. At the same time, because it's hard and because it's constantly evolving, no matter how long you've been doing it, you are bound to make mistakes.

New format for Google Sitelinks shows more site content in search results - Search Engine Land

Google is testing, or maybe rolling out, a new feature in the search results that lets you see more content from a web site without having to click to the site. Instead of showing normal Sitelinks, which are in the screen shot above on the left, you are presented with more detail Sitelinks, which are shown in the screen shot on the right.

5 Essential SEO Tips and Tricks (2018)

If you want to dominate organic search rankings in 2018, then you'll want to make sure you pay attention to these simple but awesome SEO tips and tricks put together by 1) Do your Keyword Research 2) On-Page optimization is a must 3) Image Optimization 4) Backlink Profile 5) Track your data and tweak for perfection

Website redesign mistakes that destroy SEO - Search Engine Land

Redesigning a website, whether it's your own or a client's, is an essential part of marketing today. It's essential because technology, trends, and the expectations of users change over time, and if we want to remain competitive, we must keep pace with these changes.

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