Nilu Kamiss - Community Growth Strategist | Social Media Marketer

Nilu Kamiss - Community Growth Strategist | Social Media Marketer

I show success driven course creators and service providers create FB communities that are buzzing with raving fans and how to convert them into clients.

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Learn How to Convert an Engaged Audience into Customers Through Group Marketing Strategies. This group is for success driven, heart based service providers / course creators looking to create & convert an online audience into customers. Inside this group we teach you how to create your FB Group Funnel, how to create and nurture relationships with your audience and create a raving fanbase. We believe in the sentiment that your Net-worth is your Network. Create a network where you are seen as the expert in your field of expertise and connect with your dream customers.


Facebook Live™ Template - Fillable PDF

Do you do Facebook Live videos? Want to jot down notes and reminders that you want to address in your Live to create more engagement and position your call to action (CTA)? Grab this Free template!


30 Headlines : Creating Content for Live Video

Not sure what to say on your Facebook Live™ Videos? Here are 30 headlines that will help you create your Live Videos. Are you apart of our #30DAYChallenge ?

Nilu Kamiss

When you give 💝 without holding back... and allow your self to 🍃 flow freely into every conversation, every opportunity,...

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Helping #Entrepreneurs Build Engaged 🎯 #FBGroups 📣 Convert a Raving Audience 🎁 Click to join our community for tips and training.

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