Nilu Kamiss - Group Growth Strategist | Social Media Marketing

Nilu Kamiss - Group Growth Strategist | Social Media Marketing

I help success driven entrepreneurs convert their FB community into customers & raving fans. Your business is an extension of you. Lets create a brand that you and your customers love.

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Group Growth & Sales : Convert an Engaged Audience into Customers. A group for success driven, heart based entrepreneurs looking to create an online audience. Inside this group we teach you how to create your FB Group Funnel, how to create and nurture relationships with your audience and create a raving fanbase. We believe in the sentiment that your Net-worth is your Network. Create a network where you are seen as the expert in your field of expertise and connect with your dream customers.


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Nilu Kamiss

When you give πŸ’ without holding back... and allow your self to πŸƒ flow freely into every conversation, every opportunity,...

Nilu Kamiss

Nilu Kamiss is on Facebook. Building Virtual Businesses in a world of #⃣ Hashtags, πŸ‘ Followers & βš™Algorithms

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Helping #Entrepreneurs Build Engaged 🎯 #FBGroups πŸ“£ Convert a Raving Audience 🎁 Click to join our community for tips and training.

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Your Business is an extension of YOU! What's working for you in your business and what needs to change? Are you living the life you want? Often times as business owners we can find it difficult to implement the plan we carve out for our selves and our businesses because we are too busy trying to "manage" our businesses rather than building it. Living life on my terms is what drove me in to becoming an entrepreneur and that is why I continue to help business owners create success through Customer Focused Optimization, Automation and Collaboration.

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